Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the unnatural

What is the unnatural? In ancient days, the common man used this expression to express disgust for social practices which violated his religious dicta. In modern times, we have become relativists about social practices. Now "unnatural" is used as an expression of disgust for industrial practices which violate the prophets' environmental dicta. There is no unnatural, but that we make is so in name only, and these unnaturalists are but another impediment on the arduous climb to the pinnacle of understanding. Human society exists in continuum with the unnaturalist's "nature," and is likewise ruled by the same forces. The invisible hand which governs evolutionary change and that which governs market forces is the same. The wise man has said: listen to the prophets with a suspicious ear; believe not their rhetoric, but instead extract from their hyperbolic proclamations tentative and careful meaning.

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