Saturday, May 12, 2007


Who anthropomorphized man? We should trust our attribution of human characteristics to government, to nature, to (. . .) no less (but also no more) than we trust those of this ur-anthropomorphizer. But even this attribution, even this act of anthropomorphosis? And if one were to attempt to avoid it, what then? To accept a doctrine of auto-anthropomorphosis, self-anthropomorphosis, passive anthropomorphosis: this is the same as the denial of will, of accountability, of self. "Something given has no value": true, but how can self be earned if there is none to earn it from? The wise man accepts anthropomorphis, self organization, but he accepts also it's corollary: man is born of chaos and as such his attributes are those also of chaos. Likewise even with those whom man himself presumes to anthropomorphize: There is no need! For the same anthropomorphis produces "self" also in these.

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