Wednesday, May 2, 2007

on speaking in generalities I

The disciple has asked, "why do you speak in such generalities, oh teacher?" The wise man responds: "To speak of the world is to hold up a mirror by which the common man might see his true nature. To speak in generalities and with great vagueness is to ensure that one's mirror is murky and reflects poorly. If one dared to hold up an untarnished mirror, the common man would see his true ugliness and turn away in disgust: this monster cannot be me! To speak to the common man one must first lure him with sleight of hand and wonderous trickery: what is this murky image, how strange this funhouse image of myself! Once he has recognized the murkiness of the mirror, perhaps he will also recognize the trueness of its reflection."

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a1 said...

An excellent characterization of a common problem.