Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the janus-faced party

We live in a one party system. With a single party there is no choice, and with no choice, no power. We call our party The Janus-Faced Party. Some men prefer one face and rally in support of that face with religious fervor. Other men prefer the opposing face and likewise rally in its support with identical enthusiasm. This illusion of conflict keeps the feeling of choice, the feeling of power and worth, alive in the common man. He stands too close to realize that the faces share a body. But if he took but a few steps back, and viewed his "democracy" with perspective, he would realize the unity behind these opposing masks. Oh, what then Janus-Faced Party, what then! Might he rally in the streets against both faces and stem the oncoming tidalwave of government "progress" with sheer collective force of will? Or would you, a colossus, merely crush him beneath your heel (as you have done so many times before)? In the safe warmth of my bed, late at night, before drifting into tortured dreams, I like to imagine you feel just a smidgeon of fear at the prospect. This is the wise man's palliative.

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