Monday, May 14, 2007

against the cell phone

Once upon a time the sound of a phone ringing was infrequent and significant. Now it marks the norm, not just in one's home, but everywhere. No street, no shop, no park, no lecture hall, no church is safe from the persistent klang of cellphones. The jingle-jangle of the work-a-day world infiltrates even the house of God, and profanes the sacred. In their infinite wisdom, the arbiters of style allowed the common man the illusion of "individuality" by selling him the latest factory-produced "music" as a "ringtone" for his "celly." But now the cacophany of numerous inane melodies has become more repetitious than that of the old boring ring. Oh, "individuality," you whore! These are our enemies upon whom we spill flaming tar, laughing in glee at their distress.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you make a point, but wouldn't you rather leap across the room to Europe's "The Final Countdown"?