Tuesday, May 8, 2007


What can be true or false? Only answers. But the truth or falsity of an answer depends upon the question asked, and questions asked depend upon language. So, that which within one framework of questions is true, may very well be false when considered within an alternate framework. The common man has said, "O vilest of heresies, this heresy of relativism! Surely the scientists speak incontrovertible truth! How can you deny the existence of the fact of the matter!" But this, this is not true relativism, for there are indeed definitive states of affairs, there are events which have occurred and no amount of talk can change their details. In this sense of "fact of the matter," such does exist. But this state of affairs can be stunted and distorted by the sieve of language in a variety of ways, depending upon the perspective from which it is examined, the angle of the shadow. The wise man reminds us: the language of science is still but a language.

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