Saturday, May 19, 2007

a natural history of the janus-faced party

When the great invisible hand of evolution first paired two single-celled organisms and made them one, its actions were inevitable. In particular, no conspiracy, no collusion on the part of the single-celled organisms was needed, in fact, in virtue of participating in a larger organism, their individual identities became lost ~ it is precisely that they continue acting as they had in isolation which nature intended in pairing them together. The cells' awareness of their cooperation is not only not necessary, it is impossible. And so it is also with The Janus-Faced Party. There is no need for its two faces to collude, or even to acknowledge that they are partners ~ their collaboration has arisen naturally through the inevitable momentum of government, and it is precisely the illusion of conflict in which they so sincerely believe which makes The Janus-Faced Party so successful. Wake-up "individual"! ~ only you can see the unity of the two faces, as a bacterium trapped inside the body of Janus, beset by its immune system, you can see Janus for who he is. Surely, now that even the same face of Janus speaks with two mouths ~ purporting "family values" with one while denying the most universally acknowledged moral principle with the other ~ his duplicity will become clear? The wise man says: "the common man buries his head in the sand of comfort and pricks out his eyes rather than see the chains that bind him."

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