Wednesday, May 25, 2011

more slave training

Another sad day for liberty. Thank God someone cares.

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The League said...

Like everyone else who lived in Austin in the 1990's... my feelings on Alex Jones are somewhat complicated. He's so much better now at what he does than back in the "I block three hours on Austin Access each and every day" era. And he works in small bursts, but its stuff like going down and shouting at the State Trooper... he's never quite able to get to the actual people he has a beef with. He used to have a regular routine where he harassed this poor local news anchor, who just seemed like a dude who just wanted to get to retirement. He'd wait at the studio backdoor and wait for him to leave in the wee hours and then start shining lights on him and shouting at him with his little posse.

Heart is in the right place, but... man.

Also, I once saw him eating dinner at the Black Eyed Pea on South Lamar circa 2001. I cannot believe this guy now gets national attention.