Saturday, April 24, 2010

everybody draw muhammad ~ may 20

If our government won't stand up for us and our corporations only cower in fear, it falls upon the individual to keep the world safe for free expression by banding with his peers in a show of solidarity. If terrorists wish to control us through threats and fear, then we must banish that fear from our hearts and rise up to meet the challenge. Safety in numbers has been the watchword of all peaceful movements to change the world. Maybe fighting the close-minded, terrorist fascism of muslim fundamentalism can also be peaceful ~ why invade when we can take the moral high ground and draw!

We lost - you know what I mean? Something that was ok is now not ok, and that's just . . . fucked up.

Are you afraid that if the network allows you to unveil the prophet Muhammad that you will be bombed?

We'd be so hypocritical against our own mess... - our own thoughts if we said, "ok well let's not make fun of them because they might hurt us," like, that's messed up! - to have that kind of thought process, you know? ok we'll rip on the catholics cause they wont hurt us, but we won't rip on them cause they might hurt us?!?!?! Like that's, that is not what we -

It so sad that the whole Muhammad . . . the whole Danish cartoon thing . . . it's like if everyone would have just, like normally they do in the news organizations, just printed the cartoons -

Right, and no one rallied together -

Now that guy had to be in hiding, and all this shit, because no one, everyone kinda left him out to dry.

That's a big problem when you have, like, the New York Times and Comedy Central and Viacom basically just pussing out on it, I'm sorry to say. It's just sad. It's sad. I was like really sad about the whole thing.

So, help make the world a better place and participate in Everybody Draw Muhammad Day on May 20.

I know I will, will you?

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Unknown said...

hmh..i disagree..sorry
why we must do it? have you ever ask about drawing Muhammad to Muslim's community?
you may not predict what will happen next.all Muslims in the world will again it..