Sunday, April 22, 2012

apple / google conspiracy?

On sheer whim one day, I look up Seven Nation Army on youtube. I was thinking about Wichita and got a hankerin to see it live. I'm not in general a White Stripes fan, I have no White Stripes tracks on my computer, I do not usually, perhaps ever, reference the White Stripes, or the words "white" and "stripes" in close proximity at any threshold above random.

I logged off and opened quicktime to play a video I'd downloaded (*not* a White Stripes video) and the new annoying online-all-the-time quicktime screen prompted me to buy the new album by Jack White, of the White Stripes.

Now, my first reaction was—more fallout from the new google "privacy" policy. But then I realized, wait a minute, this is quicktime, an apple product, running off my harddrive.

So, did Google share with Apple my Youtube browsing habits? Or is Apple tracking my keystrokes while I browse in order to prime it's app ad machines? Or some third unimagined option, presumably in its being unimagined that much worse in its invasion of privacy?

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