Saturday, March 6, 2010

"mike bigga" = sellout

The passionate and innovative Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has apparently changed his name to, of all things, "Mike Bigga." This is particularly sad / ironic / hypocritical, given Mike's earlier comments on Nas' decision to drop the racial slur from his now "untitled" album:

"If my name had not been Killer Mike, my career would be a lot further now. I was told by people who wouldn't give me endorsements: 'We don't like your name,' but these same people gave endorsements to bands like The Killers. I don't know what separates one black man from being Killer Mike from five white men from being The Killers, but I would be more afraid of five killers than one. . . . "

"As a man, once I've made a decision, if I believe that decision is right and noble then I have to stand by that decision or I risk being not credible in front of people . . . I made my decision and I must stand by it."

Yes, Mike Bigga, formerly Killer Mike, you have indeed lost your credibility. You have left the ranks of rappers like Dead Prez, who refuse to compromise or submit to double standards, and joined the ranks of P-Diddy and the other effete sellouts who care only about their pockets.

Killer Mike, RIP - you will be missed.

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