Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"it's really not a game, dog"

. . . wild as the Taliban, 9 in my right, 45 in my other hand . . .
~ T.I.

I put soap in my eye
Make it red so I look raa, ra ra
So I woke up with my holy quran and found out I like Cadillacs
We shooting till the song is up
Little boys are acting up and
Baby mothers are going crazy
And the leaders all around cracking up
We goat-rich, we fry
Price of living in a shanty town just seems very high
But we still like T.I.
But we still look fly
Dancing as we're shooting up
And looting just to get by.
~ M.I.A.

I'm like the second plane that made the Towers face off,
that shit that let you know it's really not a game, dog . . .
~ Mos Def

Switchblade, grenade, rhyme flows
Fuck niggaz like wild rhinos
Up in these killing fields you bound to die slow
Your style staggers like a drunken wino
That's why there's no hope to defeat a Black Knight
That's like tryin to walk a tight rope
with no feet, mercenary team, streets of concrete
Sasquatch thump a nigga ass, so why try the
Invincible, Dr. Destructor
My lyrics bring war like Lebanon
Our troupe's a Desert Storm, it be on son
Compton is the city where I come from
Act dumb if you want to, and catch a hot one
It's that real, knuckle up, lace your boots tight,
Don't give a fuck 'cause every night is our night
~ Dr. Doom

Trash icons, smash, spit bionic poems
Fuck bygones, rely on Islam and my python
Squeeze off, long fist, when I'm pissed
Result of this, gun powder cover my wrist,
black list . . .
~Killa Sin

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