Wednesday, November 7, 2007


. . . the gates of heaven.

~ Douglas P., 1987

European totalitarianism is an upshot of bureaucracy's preeminence in the field of education. The universities paved the way for the dictators.

~ Ludwig von Mises, 1944

Since authoritarian society reproduces itself in the individual structures of the masses with the help of the authoritarian family, it follows that political reaction has to regard and defend the authoritarian family as the basis of the "state, culture, and civilization." In this propaganda it can count on deep irrational factors in the masses.

~ Wilhelm Reich, 1946

The multitudes remained plunged in ignorance of the simplest economic facts, and their leaders, seeking their votes, did not dare to undeceive them. The newspapers, after their fashion, reflected and emphasised the prevailing opinions.

~ Winston Churchill, 1948, describing 1920

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