Saturday, October 13, 2007

the music industry

An army of pencil-pushing beancounters, devoid of talent, foresight, courage, or wit, who have made their living pimping out artists and marketing talentless teenage models as "musicians" and "artists" - these vampires deserve a slow death at the hands of internet "pirates." Like all bloodsuckers, they can't take a bloodletting; terrified that self-distribution might allow musicians to make a living again without the bloated publicity apparatus they provide, they have retrenched under the banner of "artist rights" ~ Hypocrites! They bought the radio stations and the DJs so music could no longer be discovered by the public, but only by imagination-less agents and executives, now they seek to control bandwidth and place information itself under lock and key. May whatever divine forces still hold sway over this corrupt and pustulant realm curse their legal dealings and condemn every last one of their noxious, parasitic souls to a sonic hell, their limp, flayed carcasses strapped to 40 mile high woofers, rattling their wounds with the hook to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" for eternity!

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