Saturday, June 2, 2007

the statistician

The lowest of all liers, he lies with a straight face. He makes of science a mere pebble game and plays upon the folly of those who do not understand the rules. And truth? Like a televangelist, he manufactures "truth" on the fly, tailored to his audience's desires and expectations. Oh you who worship his gospel! ~ if you could but see inside the temple, behind the priestly trappings and solemn demeanor, the deformed, cancerous reality: these merchants of falsity, these whores of science, these builders of sandcastles, these two-faced spitters of venom, they of the forked-tongue, they without moral code or personal integrity, they without ethos, this army of Judases who seek to sell out the entire human race for a handful of silver ~ these are our new untouchables! We shun them, we fight their teargas and truncheons in the streets, with bricks, with twigs, with fingernails if need be. We will never relinquish our hope in humanity, we will never relinquish our optimism, we will never relinquish the fragility of knowledge to these coarse brutes, but guard it jealously and with great care. Oh, that there were more of us!

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