Saturday, April 21, 2007

you hypocrites!

You hypocrites and amateur linguists ~ you who forbid the use to others of words you use yourselves! You who exult in freedom by depriving others of freedom! You who hide behind the law and wield its bitter hammer in fists that pervert liberty! Freed from all external chains you are now bound by chains of your own making ~ so much more onerous and inescapable are these. Cast off your shackles! The burden of history must be surmounted by us each within our own minds. There is no external palliative; there is no social reform; there is no reparation great enough! Hypocrisy is only a symptom of the oppression within. The wise man hates not the symptom, but the disease. The wise invalid knows that the suppression of symptoms can lead to swifter healing.

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